Garment & Wardrobe Storage

Looking for a little extra closet space for your seasonal clothing? We have the solution for you.

Consider us that extra closet you've been dreaming of.

Need a little more space for your seasonal or special clothing? Our wardrobe solution is what extra closet dreams are made of.

  • Climate control ensures your garments remain mould & mildew free

  • Secure 24 hour access to your belongings

  • Includes rolling garment racks with hanging rack

  • Pick-up & delivery included

Expand Your Closet Space In 3 Simple Steps

Young female, shown from waist up. holding a white Dymon Storage moving box

At Dymon, we offer more than just a place to store your belongings.

We offer a whole suite of services meant to make your storage experience, not just good, but great. 

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