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As a locally owned company, Dymon believes in building the communities that build us.

Dymon Gives Back

As a locally owned company, DYMON believes in building the communities that build us. DYMON participates in, sponsors, and helps a multitude of charities, non-profits and fundraising events in the Ottawa community and beyond each year. Additionally, DYMON encourages employees to get involved in the community as well with the help of DYMON’s Employee Giving Program. This program matches donations to registered charities on a 1:1 basis and pays for registration fees or minimum personal donations required for employees to participate in walks, runs, rides or other sports activities to raise money for health-related charities in Canada.

DYMON Health Clinic

In June 2019, The Ottawa Mission unveiled its newly expanded DYMON Health Clinic to serve Ottawa’s most vulnerable residents who are homeless or living in poverty. People who are homeless or at risk of homelessness have a much higher burden of disability, serious mental and physical health conditions, and addictions. DYMON, and in conjunction with its partners, committed to a historical $300,000 gift to establish the DYMON Health Clinic allowing for the expansion and enhancement of primary medical and dental care services at the shelter to provide better health care to more people in need. The DYMON Health Clinic is expected to welcome over 14,000 patient visits annually (up from 7,600 annually). New and enhanced services will include mental health care and counselling, cancer screening, women’s care, men’s health, arthritis treatment, Hepatitis C care, and an infection clinic. This life-changing and life-saving project is made possible with the help of DYMON’s commitment to giving back to our community. 

Shoe Bank Canada

DYMON is proud to be a key sponsor of the Shoe Bank Canada (SBC) Ontario Chapter. DYMON has been instrumental in SBC’s growing success since 2012 by donating dedicated year-round staff, trucking services, collection boxes and supplies, and the storage space needed to sort, pack and warehouse the donated shoes for distribution. DYMON offers all of its facilities across Ottawa as official drop-off locations for the shoe donations and partners with local organizations to host an annual shoe drive. DYMON has a hand in the collection of more than 100,000 pairs of shoes for distribution to those in need. Some of SBC’s local recipients from this past year include Suits His Style, Dress For Success, The Parkdale Food Centre, The Ottawa Mission, John Howard Society, Elizabeth Fry Society of Ottawa and many more.   Learn More About Shoe Bank Canada

All That Glam

For the 6th year in row, DYMON acted at the official drop-off location at all of our facilities for the All That Glam fundraising initiative. Beginning October until mid-November of each year, All That Glam collects pre-loved jewelry and handbag donations from the community that are upcycled and sold at bargain prices at a one-day sale in November to raise much needed funds to support a breakfast program in Nunavut. To date, All That Glam has donated over $100,000 to Sakku School in Coral Harbour.     Learn More About All That Glam

Food For The Hungry Canada

There are 20 communities in the Kabarore region of Burundi with a population of over 37,700 people, but only about 20% of households in the communities have access to clean water. As a result, families and especially, children, regularly struggle with debilitating sickness. In order to overcome these life-threatening challenges due to obscure and infected water sources, Food For The Hungry Canada and the communities of Kabarore have set a goal of capping 20 unprotected, natural springs over the next few years.

Dymon's Support Of The Clean Water Project

Every year, Dymon supports a fundraising opportunity tied to its holiday celebrations. In 2017, together with its team of employees, partners and suppliers, Dymon raised over $48,000 dollars that were directed to Food For The Hungry’s Clean Water project in Burundi.

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The Dymon Foundation - The Next Step In Giving

Over the next few years, the creation of the Dymon Foundation will be the culmination of a major corporate philanthropy goal of Dymon’s owners – Glen Luckman and Brent Wilson. The Dymon Foundation will be focused on contributing 50% of Dymon’s value creation over time back to the community. This will be done through a variety of means including things such as building assisted retirement living housing and low income housing. This goal of pouring resources back into the community is what drives everything Dymon does as a company.

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